Manufacturers' instructions, too, require that anti-tip brackets provided be installed. Despite these warnings, retailer Sears estimated in 1999 that a mere 5% of the gas and electric units they sold were ever equipped with anti-tip brackets. As a result of Sears’ failure to comply with safety regulations, they were sued and subsequently required to secure ranges in nearly 4 million homes, a measure that has been speculated to have cost Sears as much as $500 million.

   Although the anti-tip bracket kit is now included with all ranges sold in the U.S., they just don’t get installed by the homeowner too often. We check for an anti-tip bracket and verify that it is functional at each home inspection where there is a range in the kitchen.

    The bracket mounts to your choice of the wall or floor at the back of the range and, when the range is slid back in place against the back wall, it interlocks with the back leg of the range. Here’s a photo looking down at one from the counter level, with the range pulled out so it is visible.

   If your range does not have an anti-tip device, you can contact the dealer or builder who installed the range and request that they install a bracket. Or, if you want to install a bracket yourself, the part can be purchased at most hardware stores or ordered from a manufacturer. General Electric will send their customers an anti-tip bracket for free.

While we hope you find this series of articles about home inspection helpful, they should not be considered an alternative to an actual home inspection by a local inspector. Also, construction standards vary in different parts of the country and it is possible that important issues related to your area may not be covered here.
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