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If you are buying a used mobile home, don’t have a lot of money, and can’t afford to make a mistake—then be sure to get it inspected. We have evaluated hundreds of manufactured homes in Gainesville and the surrounding rural communities, done extensive research into HUD standards for mobile home manufacture and installation, and are familiar with the recurring issues in mobile homes as they age. When you choose McGarry and Madsen to inspect your future manufactured home you get a team inspection by two licensed building contractors and home inspectors, and a detailed report with photos to help you make your buying decision. 

   You can educate yourself about mobile homes and
what to look for when buying one by reading our blogs
listed at the bottom of this page. Click one of the blog
questions listed further down to go directly to that
blog post.

   Part of our home inspection is identical to evaluating
a site-built home; such as checking the electric panel
and wiring, a/c system, plumbing piping, roof, switches
and faucets, an infrared scan for moisture intrusion,
and so forth. But we also look at some additional items:

  1. 1)We find the manufacturer’s info sticker, usually
    located in the master bedroom closet or inside the door of a kitchen cabinet, to confirm that the home was designed to meet the wind loads and roof loads specified by HUD for this area.

  2. 2)We check for missing or loose trim, skirting (with
    proper ventilation) or siding panels.

  3. 3)We evaluate any site-built additions. Since a mobile home is designed to support only its own weight, any additions should be freestanding and not bearing on the walls of the mobile home, and should be properly flashed at areas of contact.

  4. 4)The frame of a mobile home is interconnected large I-beams. We verify that they are not bent or heavily rusted.

  5. 5)We check the foundation piers, to confirm that they are not damaged or leaning, they are in bearing contact with the mobile home frame, that the holes in the pier blocks are facing upward, and the pier caps are not rotted or cracked, and any leveling shims are secure.

  6. 6)Examine the vapor barrier (belly board) under floor framing for tears, deterioration, sagging.

  7. 7)Confirm that there is perimeter blocking under any large wall openings, such as a sliding glass door.

  8. 8)Determine the type and spacing of the anchor straps, and how they are attached to the frame, to confirm that they meet the standards in place at the time the home was installed.

  9. 9)Look for any loose or corroded anchors or straps.

  10. 10) Locate and note serial number on HUD plate.

   By the way, we do not charge additional for inspecting a mobile home. It’s the same price as a site-built home inspection. Click on “What It Will Cost” at the top of this page for our complete rate list.

Mobile Home

with photo documentation


homes to 1,750 sq. ft.
of conditioned space,
$10 per additional 100 sq. ft.

$25 to $50 surcharge to
outlying areas

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Fanning Springs, Florida

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