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  1. I saw some staining on the ceiling. Do you think the roof is okay?

  2. Should a front door open in or out?

  3. What are the building code requirements for a door from the garage to the house?

  4. What do those numbers on the manufacturer’s stickers in new windows mean?

  5. What does the “R-Value” of home insulation mean?

  6. What is an egress window?

  7. How difficult is it to change a window to french doors or a sliding glass door?

  8. We looked at the house carefully, and it seems alright. Do we really need a home inspection?

  9. What are the common problems you find inspecting windows?

  10. How can I improve the energy efficiency of my not-so-new Gainesville home?

  11. Should I buy a fixer-upper?

  12. What happens at a home inspection?

  13. What’s my chance of buying a Gainesville home over a sinkhole?

  14. I’d swear that crack wasn’t there yesterday. What happened?

  15. Is my house near that Superfund cleanup site in Gainesville?

  16. What should I wear to a home inspection?

  17. What can you tell me about buying a house with structural problems? It’s priced cheap!

  18. What problems should I look for when buying a country house in a rural area?

  19. What problems do you look for when a house has been vacant or abandoned?

  20. How do sellers try to fool the home inspector?

  21. What are the requirements for a room to classified as a bedroom?

  22. What is the steepest residential stair allowed?

  23. How can I tell if a window or glass door is safety glass?

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