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Greg Madsen

Florida Licensed Home
Inspector #HI-27

Florida Licensed Building

Contractor #CBC-1250725

Florida Licensed Pest

Control Operator #JF177361

International Association of

Certified Home Inspectors

Member #11081504

International Code Council

Building Safety Professional

Member #8252562

Richard McGarry

Florida Licensed Home
Inspector #HI-15

Florida Licensed General

Contractor #CGC-001310

International Association of

Certified Home Inspectors

Member #11062602

Put our combined 57-years experience in home
building and home inspection to work for you.
We give you the facts, costs, and insight
to help you make the right decision.

Team Home Inspection By Two Florida-Certified Building Contractors and Home Inspectors

Our 150-page homebuyer’s inspection guide is available free. Click here to go to download page.Blog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlBlog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlBlog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlBlog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlBlog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlBlog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlBlog/Entries/2013/10/6_Free_Home_Inspection_Book.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5

Home Inspector Serving Gainesville and The Villages, Florida
Also Offering Insurance, Roof, and Termite Inspection

Over 7,000 Inspections Since 2002

McGarry and Madsen

Home Inspection


  1. We do it all in one appointment. WDO (termite)
       and insurance inspections available
       for additional charge (see rate schedule)

Computer report with color photos.

Free infrared scan with every home inspection.

No additional charge for crawl space.

Free insurance roof letter if needed.

Permit records search in City of Gainesville and
     Alachua County.

Next-day report delivery by e-mail.

Yes, we do mobile homes too.


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